(Re)constructing Architecture: Unbuild Series


/ The Unbuild Series presents the works of well-known Slovenian architects from the past as well as contemporary architectural studios. The selection of buildings is not coincidental nor final - it includes objects in which I have found a potential to rethink them through the medium of photography.

Chosen architectural objects were reconstructed - the result is something new, a new object, a new space, a new architecture: the reality became a new reality. Simultaneously everything that is new carries the moment of the old, in other words, the reality of built architecture, which could be best seen through the detail, materiality or structural logic.

The new image therefore originates from the existing, in the way that it establishes a distance from time and space. Even more, the image is not just contemporary but could be understood in the full meaning of the word contemporariness. It is connected with my own experience and understanding of architecture; I was wondering how we experience architecture in the two-dimensional form and how it could address us, to really notice the building, to observe it and in the end, what is the most important – to see it.

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From the exhibition in Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Lamut’s Art Salon, Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia, 2020/2021:

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