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Square Utopias


Series Square Utopias illustrates five texts written by students of seminar of theoretical practice, Faculty of architecture, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Isn't architecture basically just four walls and a roof?1 is the question architect Reinier de Graaf was dealing with. Articles written by students try to explain through examples of modern Slovenian architecture - University Medical Centre Ljubljana (Stanko Kristl), House on Mirje (Oton Jugovec), ŠS-6 (Ilija Arnautović), Ferant Garden Residential Quarter (Edvard Ravnikar) and Mladi Rod Kindergarten, unit Vetrnica (Stanko Kristl) -
that architecture itself is always a concrete utopia2 and simultaneously much more than four walls and a roof.

1  Graaf de, R. (2017). Four walls and a Roof. The Complex Nature of a Simple Profession. London: Mitt Press.
2  Čeferin, P. (2017). Architecture: Constructing Concrete Utopias. Ljubljana: Filozofski vestnik.

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